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Wooden Doors

Wooden Doors

With the creation of world-class core fabrics in India, Kurali is atmosphere a revolution within the Indian wooden door manufacturing company. Haln wood a company selling the concept of eco-friendly and light-weight weight- but sturdy door fillers such as Honeycomb, Ecolax board, and Tumbler board. Haln wood additionally offers doorways with traditional bushes core as in keeping with the requirement of the buyer.

All doorways are being manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility at Kurali Punjab. Use of imported uncooked materials and latest machinery make sure that world-class high quality doors.

• Ready to use
• Easy to scrub
• Excellent bonding
• Excellent durability
• 100% Termite and Borer Proof
• Stain resistant
• Bending resistant
• Minimal repairs
• Available in a wide selection of sunglasses
• For inner utility most effective

• Borer and Termite proof – 7 years guaranty
• Better strength and clean finish
• Uniform thickness with flat surface
• Climate stable, Warp, and Bend Free
• IS 2202 – phase 1 qualified Doors
• 1 mm – HPL conforming to IS 2046
• Wide range of Veneers and Laminates for selection

The Wooden Doors
Doors are other in design, construction and external end. Wooden door constructions may be of various types and other applied sciences: solid wood, blackboard or double-panel.

– Solid picket: veneered or laminated solid wood for long-lasting balance. This technology is used to supply Antikè and Rodi.

– Blockboard wood: perpendicularly-glued wooden strips for long-lasting balance. This generation is used to produce Baltimora and Baltimora New.

– Double-panel picket: sandwich structure with gentle inner. The external wooden end is made using high-quality machine-made doors with different materials, colors, and finishing.

Custom Made Doors
At Haln Wood, we don’t believe in limitations. Our team can go beyond the typical Indian wooden door, working closely with you to determine the perfect size, style, and approach for your property.